About Homesite Handymen

How It Began

Building a business should be about two things: passion and service. Tommy Ketcham, the owner and creator of Homesite Handymen, always had a passion for detail-driven home improvement, particularly through his handcrafted woodwork. After over fifteen years of living in Frisco, Tommy was fueled by the idea of serving his community.

It began as a small spark. Friends, family members and even strangers continued to ask Tommy if they could purchase his custom carpentry work. His services were sought after for years, until he realized it could be possible to make a living through serving his community. A door then opened for Tommy to offer his skills at affordable, respectable prices to Frisco and the surrounding area. Through this vision, commitment and dedication, Homesite Handymen was created.

Who We Are

Now, Homesite Handymen is a single-source for all home repair, home improvement and home maintenance needs. The average home is busy. Tommy’s goal through Handsite Handymen is to alleviate the stress of home improvement chores so you can focus on what really matters in life. As a business built on the foundation of trust, Homesite Handymen is made up of a personable, professional worker—who is your neighbor. The company’s commitment to service over profit is demonstrated in the work and consultation services he provides. In fact, Homesite Handymen encompasses a major focus on consultations. As an active member of the community, Tommy knows the most trustworthy, specialized maintenance workers in Frisco. If your project requires very specified work, Tommy is happy and quick to refer a business he trusts. Trust, professionalism and skill are the pillars that hold Homesite Handymen. In Tommy’s own words:

“My company’s mission is to listen to you, your needs and goals, then use my expertise and skill to make it happen in the most economical way possible. What matters to you, matters to me.”

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So whether you need guidance for your next home maintenance project, or you just don’t have the time to get your long to-do list completed, call Tommy and Homesite Handymen at (214) 676-2681 for honest, professional service.