Handyman Services: Carpentry


A Handyman is able or should be able to handle a wide variety of services.   However, carpentry is unique in that it requires a different skill set then a typical “jack of all trades” type handyman services.  Having said that there are a lot of handymen that are good carpenters.  What makes me a good carpenter is the ability to customize and my attention to details.  The carpentry services I offer will be customized to what you want done with an obsession over details.


  • Crown Molding
  • Base Boards
  • Custom shelving and cabinets for garages
  • Custom closet shelving and drawers
  • Furniture refinishing
  • Home Décor items:  Flat Screen TV frames, planter boxes,
    decorative trays and cutting boards
  • Cabinet cut outs for wine refrigerators and appliances

Carpentry Projects:

Looking for a carpenter for your next project?

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