Handyman Services: Garages


Even the most organized homes can have congested, scattered garages. Things just have a tendency to pile up. But your garage doesn’t have to be a place of chaos. Homesite Handymen can turn this space into a fully functioning storage facility. No matter how large or small the task is, I am eager to accomplish those pesky house chores, such as garage organization, so you don’t have to.

Installation and Storage

It’s amazing what a little carpentry can do to create new space and storage in a garage. Simply by adding shelving units, cabinets, custom racks or hooks for the tools creates a flowing area that no longer induces stress upon entrance. Don’t let bulky rakes or shovels take up unnecessary space. Let me get creative in adding usable space. Do you use your garage for specific uses such as storing your biking gear or as an active work space?  I can work with you to make your garage the most efficient, multi-functional space possible. Why not take advantage of all the wasted space?

Maintenance and Repairs

It’s easy to write off those annoying garage chores again and again when you have a busy schedule—and I can’t blame you for that; your time is important and shouldn’t be spent on stressful home improvement jobs. But it’s important to not let your garage continue to be neglected.  When was the last time your garage floor was cleaned? Power washing with a degreaser can help remove oil stains, dirt and tire marks. Contact Homesite Handymen to take care of your garage maintenance needs.


Garage Handyman Projects:

Questions or concerns?

Call us! We can provide consultation so you feel confortable and excited about your new garage project. We always work efficiently, with clients’ trust being our number one priority. We are happy to work with you to turn that jumbled garage space into an organized unit. Contact us anytime, at (214) 676-2681.